French Town Bugarach becomes Doomsday Destination for people who believe in Dec 21 2012 as end of the world.

Today Dailymail posted news on french Town Bugarach as follows:
Will this village be the only place to survive the end of the world next Friday?
  •     French village Bugarach said to be only place that will survive Armageddon
  •     Mayan calendar suggests world will end on December 21
  •     Pic de Bugarach mountain overlooking village said to be an alien lair
  •     Prophecy suggests aliens will emerge to pluck 'future survivors' to safety 
Just I collected some news about that small french town which you can read it below.
The rocky mountain of Bugarach, rising just over 4,000 feet in the Corbières Mountains, is one of the poorest and least populated areas of France, has long attracted hikers and nature lovers who like to wander its gentle slopes in search of rare species of orchids. 
Bugarach in southern France
Taking refuge: Bugarach, a small village in France with a population of only 179, has been earmarked by doomsday cults as the only place in the world that is going to survive Armageddon on December 21 this year
"It's the town that will resist the end of the world," read a headline in La Dépêche recently, echoing "pilgrims" in Bugarach who believe that helpful extraterrestrials are waiting inside the mountain to whisk them away when the Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012.

The unique 4,000 ft mountain is known as the 'upside-down mountain'
Some French and international Web sites devoted to the apocalypse claim that the mountain of Bugarach is a sacred place that will protect them from the end of the world. Some even believe that, on doomsday, they will be spirited away by a group of aliens who live under the mountain. The date in question is when a 5,125-year cycle in the Mayan calendar supposedly comes to a close.

A local innkeeper, Sigrid Benard, who offers rooms only in the summer, said she had received numerous calls from people wishing to reserve rooms and mobile homes from the beginning of December 2012 to the end of January. "This is no laughing matter," Mayor Jean-Pierre Delord, told Britain's The Daily Telegraph. "If tomorrow 10,000 people turn up, as a village of 200 people we will not be able to cope. I have informed the regional authorities of our concerns and want the army to be at hand if necessary come December 2012."

Many here, including the mayor, do not want to see Bugarach transformed into a safe haven for those he called “apocalypse believers and lunatics.” They point to an increasing presence of “esoterics,” who settled in Bugarach around the year 2000 and who are also attracted to the tranquillity, the low price of real estate and the history of the area.

The peak of Bugarach has long been called “the sacred mountain”; geologists say that soon after the mountain was formed, it exploded and the top landed upside-down. The mountain is also said to have inspired French authors like Jules Verne in “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and American filmmakers like Steven Spielberg in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. -Mark 13:32

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