Three Lost Days discovered by NASA scientists

Many Christians know the story of Joshua who commanded the sun and moon to stand still and God listens to Him and stops till he wins the battle. If you are unaware you can go through Joshua chapter 10.  Many might have doubt about what might have happened to those days. Below is an account of some findings by NASA scientists but this is not given to media since they cant base the fact on Bible. But whatever it is Word of God is true.

This is about the 3 lost days from the bible discovered by NASA scientist. According to Harold Hill, the President of Curtis Engine Company in Baltimore Maryland. Their scientist's discovered something that gives account to Bible. Mr. Harold’s team of scientists and astronauts in Greenbelt Maryland, discovered that there was a certain number of days where the sun stopped from its rotation.

One day, Harold’s team were computing the location of earth, planets, sun and other heavenly bodies from its current position for the next 100 years. They need to do this in order to compute the safe location for their satellite machines once they send to outer space

When the scientist attempt to computed the location of earth and other planets a thousand years before their computer program suddenly stopped. There was something wrong, they were puzzled so much.

Good thing there was a christian man from their team so he told the story from the bible, where the sun was stopped miraculously going down to sunset. According to the bible, Joshua the successor of Moses stopped the sun from its location for 3days. This is the prayer of Joshua to God to enable them to see and defeat all their enemies in a battle between Israel versus the alliance of Amorites king from Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish, and Eglon.

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  1. I think if you do some checking (see for one example), you will find that the "NASA" part of this story is false. The Bible account is certainly correct, but the idea of NASA claim is something that is untrue and actually used by unbelievers to claim that Christians are ignorant and deluded. We need to earnestly defend the faith (Jude 3), but we do not need to uphold erroneous claims.